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The Little Drummers at The School of Rock Guitar -

Majority of world-class drummers has been exposed to drumming at an early age. Children are instinctive drummers, and unlike other instruments where the child has to practice a few months in order to play something, drumming is instantaneous.. Our Junior Classes are for children from the age of 7-12 and are designed to teach fundamentals with fun to kids, educating them how to count beats, understand rhythm, keep time and learn playing basic drum beats.

The child develops coordination and timing through a series of interactive exercises that will keep him or her involved and actively participating by playing along with the lessons that shall cover -

  • Counting Exercises to understand Rhythm & Beat
  • Keeping Time & Groove by playing fluently
  • Clapping & Tapping to various songs and music
  • Single Beat Combinations, Drum Fill Concepts & Snare Drum Variations
  • Pop & Rock Patterns with Basic Chart-Readings
  • Music & Mathematics, Movement & Control Studies

Begginer level for Age 12+

Majority of our students, above 12 years enroll in this course to learn the fundamentals of drumming, essential drumming concepts, and to build a strong foundation in reading drum notations. The plan shall follow all lessons of the Junior level but at faster pace and then move on to the following -

  • Single Hi Hat Concepts, Accent Studies & Semi-Quaver Studies
  • Open High-Hats and Cymbal Variations & Introduction to Foot Independence
  • Drum Fill Applications using basic Rudiments and song analysis
  • Shuffle & Blues Rhythm, Rolls & Ruffs and Further 16-Beat Rhythms
  • Time & Feel (3/4 and 6/8 Odd Time), tied notes & Further Chart-Readings

The Intermediate Level

The Intermediate Course focuses on helping students develop drum independence, syncopation, improvisation, speed, rhythmic applications, and other rudimental techniques for performing in a band, showcasing a drum solo, or even composing drum rhythms & grooves. Students will listen, recognize, transcribe and practice different song styles and rhythms.

Successful completion of the Beginner Course entitles students to enroll for our Intermediate classes. New students who already know a bit of drumming or have learnt elsewhere for some time can also enroll directly in the intermediate level upon passing an assessment session.

At the Intermediate level students will improve and sharpen their drumming skills by applying the techniques and concepts from the Beginner Course and shall also move on to -

  • Advanced Semi-Quaver Studies & Full-16 Beat variations>
  • Semi-Quavers Triplets & Sextuplets
  • Double Strokes and Drum Fills Using Double Strokes
  • Comprehensive Snare Reading Patterns (Including Triplets)
  • Sight Reading & Listening Skills (Improvisation and Independence)
  • Double Bass Techniques, Drags & Ruffs
  • Shuffle, Half-Time Shuffle, Waltz, Jazz and Swing Rhythms etc
  • Advanced chart reading and Basic Chart-Writing
  • Speed Pattern Combinations
  • Improvisational Drum Fills & One-Handed Drum Fills
  • Drum Rudiments & Rudiment Application

The Advance or Performance level -

The Advanced Course is very comprehensive and students would acquire a deeper understanding of drum theory, techniques, rudiments, and foundation learnt at intermediate level. This course is designed to maximize our students' potential, disciplining them towards becoming a professional.

Successful completion of the Intermediate Course entitles students to enroll for our Advanced classes. New students with good drumming fundamentals are welcome to enroll directly in the advanced level upon passing an assessment session.

The lesson plan shall cover -

  • Advanced Drum Fills & Rolls Application
  • Double Bass Patterns & Heel-Toe Technique
  • Demi-Semiquavers and Advanced Speed Techniques
  • Drum Solo, Improvisation and Independence
  • Advanced Chart-Writing & Aural Studies
  • Creative Groove Drumming and Rock Music Composition

The Professional Player –

After successful completion of the Advanced level coarse a student would be required to gain experience as an assistant instructor at the School of Rock guitar for a period of at least six months to be eligible for the Professional level plan.

At the professional level all modules will constitute an in-depth study of stylist playing with authenticity, true musicianship, rhythm and groove mastering, quality band playing, advanced techniques of creativity and composition, understanding sound and tones etc. In addition to this a student can opt for training in -

  • Advanced live Band playing
  • Studio playing and recording

Course Plans

4 times in a month
8 Times in a months
3 months
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