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The lessons in Bass Guitar playing offered by School of Rock Guitar are effectively designed to focus on the very basic finger plucking & picking right up to advanced levels. To begin with, this starts from tuning to explaining the open string notes, root notes of the chords, relatives, 2nd and 5th combinations etc. These also include playing along with a basic 4/4 drum beat pattern to train oneself to lock with the rhythm of the beat playing in the back ground to gain strength in coordination etc.

The lessons also lay focus on the playing techniques of renowned bass guitar legends by understanding their style of playing and their genres in depth by using very familiar and simple bass riffs from beginner levels and gradually moving forward to further levels with different lessons. Also, emphasis is laid on playing with two and three fingers from the right hand technique, introducing slap pop styles, finger slides, usage of chords and harmonics etc.

The crux of the teaching lies in guiding the student to develop the understanding of the importance and core essence / role of the bass guitar sound in a song / as an accompanying instrument playing / in band etc., and how to play in sync with the drummer's bass drum beats in various tempos and genres. This also includes teaching important theory based on bass lines / riffs with song progressions / composition to help them play and understand well with coordination along with other instruments by using following root notes and harmonies like 2nd/5th/7th note etc combinations over the melodies.

Bass Guitar has no limits in creating various styles and skills just like any other instrument.

Quote : " Unless someone is moved by your Bass guitar playing , you have never played a bass guitar " - MJ

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