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Rock Guitar Lessons

Rock Guitar Lessons

Welcome to school of Rock Guitar, the guitar school with a difference. School of Rock Guitar Lessons are designed after hands on experience of over 15 years in guitar teaching therefore resulting in highly effective teaching methods suitable for students of all ages and skill levels.

The guitar lessons are designed by Mr. Manjit Joseph, one of India's most respected and leading guitar players who has taught many musicians of today. The lessons cover from a very basic right hand/left hand technique up to performance level (beginner to professional). The lessons include theory and practical sessions crafted for both, music readers and non readers as well. These lessons pay huge emphasis on instrument playing rather than lectures. Each class extends up to 40 mins time that focuses on playing and learning techniques.

School of Rock Guitar classes throw light on exercises from strumming, chord training, scale playing and sight reading & playing basic chord progressions etc to all levels. Each minute of the class is accounted for and is full of excitement for the students. The greatest reward for each student will be to their satisfaction level that will surely drive them to be back for.

Guitar playing was never made so easy before. For further details, check out Mr. Manjit Jospeh's videos and bio on youtube.

Wish you a happy guitar playing! SRG


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4 times in a month
8 Times in a months
3 months
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