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Rock guitarist MJ was born in Kakinada, a small town in Andhra Pradesh, India. Right since childhood, he was inspired by musicians and bands like, The Beatles, Abba, Boney M, Queens etc. His first attraction in music was drums & percussion of the likes of Osibisa and Santana. As there were no instructors in western music in his town way back in those days, he self-taught himself in playing these instruments since childhood and continued playing them till the age of 17. As time went by, it so happened one day that a friend of his accidentally left the guitar at his house for a few days. During that time, he fell in love with this amazing instrument called Guitar and then started to learn guitar all by himself. By the time he became 19, MJ was performing in his very own town and other towns as well with the first band he ever formed called 'Rattler'. Soon, he become a well known guitar player in his town and the word slowly spread to other parts of Andhra Pradesh as well. At a very young age, he got featured in local news papers and magazines, and from there onwards, a new journey began.

In his late teens, MJ decided to move out from his comfort zone to a real life journey as a musician and went to Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh and formed 'Samaria' his 2nd band. He performed quiet a lot of shows with this band and inspired many young people to pick up guitars and develop their interest in rock music. After two years of hard life and playing music, MJ moved to Delhi and in 1998 he formed the band 'Ashtoreth'. This band created ripples in the rock scene in Delhi and made a huge difference among all the other bands by introducing lightening speed guitar solos coupled with heavy rhythm guitar sounds. This type of hard and thunderous guitar solos and rhythm guitar playing was very new to the Indian rock scene. The word spread far and wide and MJ was known all over Delhi including major metros in music like Mumbai and Bangalore. He then featured in many big events, TV Channels and magazines etc., as one of the top Classic Rock Guitar players in our Country.

Inspite of many odds, MJ became the 1st ever candidate to clear the Associate in Classical guitar recital ATCL (Associate of Trinity College of London) in 2002 in Delhi. He had cleared the exam by training himself in just 3 months, something that guitar players usually take up to 1 or 2 years to prepare. He then joined the faculty as a guitar teacher/class room teacher in world schools of international repute, where he guided many students on their path of musical journey. This gave him a world of experience in understanding the teaching process and as well as accentuating the skills of coaching individual students. Alongside, he still continued performing with his band in Delhi to keep his personal music taste and talent active. He later formed 'Heavens Down' a highly active present day band who released their debut EP album "Rock Will Never Die" in 2012 July and launched it performing 8 back to back live shows in Australia in the cities of Melbourne and Sydney. The band appeared in Australian local TV channels and magazines. MJ became the first ever Indian guitar player to feature in Australia's much coveted program world over, 'GODS OF GUITARS AND MASTERPIECES'.

MJ continues to perform shows in Delhi and outside with his band Heavens Down, while pursuing to release another complete Rock Album very soon.

Apart from his signature rock guitar shredding , MJ is highly pursued for being known as an approachable and highly effective guitar instructor, and above all - 'A wonderful human being'. Having been teaching people how to play guitar since he was a teenager, MJ is natural when it comes to guitar/singing instruction. It is out of his own passion for teaching that MJ has committed himself to teaching guitar lessons at The School of Rock Guitar.

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